ARK: Survival

ARK: Survival

14 Jul 2020

Dives - Icon Pack / Specifications

  • Date: 14 Jul 2020
  • Developer: Studio Wildcard
  • Size: 70M
  • Category: Game
  • Version: 2.0.15
  • Views: 2
  • Downloads: 1
ARK: Survival


ARK is an action-adventure, and also a survival video game that was developed and published by Studio Wildcard. The game was developed in collaboration with Efecto Studios, Instinct Games, and Virtual Basement.
ARK was first released in 2017 for Steam macOS, PC, PS4, Linux, and Xbox. In 2018, the mobile version of the game was released for iOS and Android devices. The Nintendo Switch version of the game was also released in 2018.
It can be played in both the first-person or third-person perspective. ARK consists of an open world that can be navigated by riding on an animal or on foot. There are different creatures in the game, including prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs and mythical creatures like the phoenix, and manticore.
The main objective for players in the game is to survive. This can be done by establishing a base and also by acquiring weapons and fires. Download the game now and start enjoying the amazing features it offers. Show your ability to survive by taming the creatures and defending yourself from hostile players.

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